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At the forum "Discussion with CEO" for 30 CEO of Sai Gon Entrepreneur Club, invited guest speaker Mr. Peter Handal V, President and CEO of Dale Carnegie & Associates said: "The world is transforming every day every hour, so leaders should be flexible before any market situations. However, the human nature, core values of living in society, never changes in any space, time or cultures."

In the Sunday morning, August 8th, in the open and friendly atmosphere in Nha Trang room, Sheraton Hotel, the President gave a humorous example about sustainability: Many thousands years ago, the citizens complained about the unreasonably high taxes. Thousands years after and long after that, people still keep asking for lower taxes."


He said: "I have never had a chance to exchange profound conversations to understand thoroughly about Vietnam businessmen, so I cannot compare the difference between you and other leading CEOs from Asia, US or all over the world. But, in my opinion, geography is not the key factor. Wherever, there are many types of people, losers and winners. I can only convey the general reason of the world’s successful CEO: not only they are hardworking, talented, fully understand their products and services, but also more importantly they have very good communication skills to persuade employees to follow the proposed strategies and visions."

Talking along the topic "Portraits of twenty first century leaders", Mr. Handal shared the reasons for the billionaire Warren Buffett’s success are to know how to buy and sell on the market and, at the same time, to know how to communicate. He said the humanism relationship between human beings is the key factor in business leadership. "We need to know how to arrange the job, share responsibility and support staffs to complete the proposed objectives… Talking to the employees with a sincere heart makes them read to devote for the company success… To become a communication expert, leaders need to learn how to listen and understand."

Dale Carnegie Vietnam cooperating with Saigon Businessman Club organized "Discussion with CEO", the topic "Portraits of twenty first century leaders", on Sunday morning, August 15th, 2010 at Sheraton Hotel, HCMC.

The guest speaker was Mr. Peter V. Handal, Chairman and CEO of Dale Carnegie & Associates, the oldest business development consultation, education and training company in the world, originally based on Dale Carnegie’s world famous best seller: "How to Win Friends and Influence People."


Dale Carnegie has 200 offices, in 86 countries on 6 continents. Mr. Handal joined the Company in 1999, was elected President and CEO in 2000. He was elected Chairman in 2005. He is also CEO of J4P Associatesm, a real estate company in Baltitmore. 

He emphasized: "When listening, don’t hurry thinking what to respond. When conversing, don’t immediately criticize but begin with a positive earnest attitude and an full understanding about the opposite person’s values."


To practice conversation, Mr. Handal himself uses a few first minutes of every working day to have sincere exchanges with the company’s staffs. Two sections per weeks, he stops all work to listen to everyone’s constructive opinions about business activities, leadership, human resource condition…

For a thousand-member community, President Handal advised leaders: "Never stop repeating the message we want to send". Impressed by the methods the world’s largest chains of convenient stores and supermarkets Wal-Mart applied, he described "Wal-Mart uniting all employees to shout out the action motto of the company" is very moving and spiritful before "going to the battle". When the leader shouts "W", all employees yell "Wall-Mart!". When the leader asks "Who is the most important?", they all respond "Customers!".

The core values never change, but businessmen should never stop equipped themselves with more skills. Mr. Peter Handal emphasized the global Internet together with the social blog networks, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential parts of youth life. Henceforth, twenty-first century businessmen need to update the knowledge of digital worlds to meet the high demand of future customers.

Some pictures taken at the forum: (Photographed by BACH HOP)

The President of Saigon Entrepreneur Club was giving the souvenir to Mr. Peter Handal V

Source: DNSG
Translated by Dale Carnegie Vietnam




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