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Dale Carnegie Vietnam Celebrating The Third Birthday With Ceo And Chairman Of Dale Carnegie


In the afternoon of August, 15th, Dale Carnegie’s third birthday celebration was held in a cozy but still formal ambiance at Nam Phan Restaurant with the earnest appreciation to members of Dale Carnegie Vietnam. All members have been side by side to overcome many challenges, together building and maintain the sustainable development and success values of Dale Carnegie Vietnam. The participation of the Ceo and Chairman of Dale Carnegie – Peter Handal and his wife made the celebration more special.

Mr Peter Handal and his wife were giving a friendly self-introduction about their journey around the world together and things happening on the journey.

The celebration was informally started with self-introduction video clips of every Dale Carnegie Vietnam member. It received lots of laughter and bravo clapping from guests with recognition of "interesting" differences of a few Dale members. The members vividly described their own hobbies as well as characteristics through actions and motions with figurative characteristics, for example, when talking about football, one would perform a side-kick as a professional or others would boast about their "specialty" by entertaining "actions" and "instruments" which made the spectators bravo many times for their creativity.

After the Dale video clips, Dale training experts gave a self-introduction speech. Mr. Vo Thanh Dang made a deep impression on his own most noticeable trait is "no hair", or Mr. Le Tan Thao called himself "the shortest" of Dale’s training experts. Mr. Le Nhu Hieu maintained a modest tone when talking about himself and experiences learned from being a training expert at Dale Carnegie. These are successful businessmen holding very important positions in Vietnamese companies; however, they gave very straightforward speeches about themselves. The simple, light-hearted and humorous introduction part made the celebration mood livelier.

Trainer Dang was eager to introduce his "no hair" trait.

Trainer Huong enthusiastically talk about himself.

Trainer Vuong shared his hobbies and own interesting characteristics.

Coming next was a three-region traditional dance performed by Dale members. This is a big surprise because at first nobody knew anything about dancing but they composed choreography and practiced together in two successive days and produced a satisfied product. They tried their best to perform every melody to present a unique home-made performance to the guests. Mr and Mrs Handal gained a more profound understanding about the cultural specialties of each Vietnamese region. "I have worked in many companies and Dale Carnegie always harbors the interesting "oddity". For example your today performance." said Mr. Peter Handal.

Petite and pretty Northern girls in unique regional four-piece dresses were very skillful and agile with the song "Em di chua Huong" (Visiting the Perfume Pagoda). Girls from the middle part of the country were elegant and graceful in the traditional long dress with Hue special purple color in the song "Ly muoi thuong". Earnest and enthusiastic farmer guys acted in the Southern "Ly keo chai" song. It was a total success as expected by each performer and it generated delightful understanding to guests who had travelled a long journey to the celebration. The exclusive "bonus" for the final part was "Peter Handal and the most impressive dance group voting."

Mr and Mrs Handal and the petite Northern girls

and Mrs Handal and the elegant middle-region girls in Hue long dresses

Mr and Mrs Handal were cheerful with the Northern dance group


The event atmosphere was raised to the fullest with the game "Dale Carnegie Instrument Riddle" designed for Trainers. All hilarious riddles clearly demonstrates the functions of each instrument, for example: TAPE – Instrument to recognize human ability and contribution; Cushion or "Objection without displeasure"- Instrument to lighten defense from the very first steps; LION, "The wonderful formula" – Instrument to help produce a confident and persuasive presentation and many other instruments with special functions. Dale Trainers participated enthusiastically in the game as the excitement spread to the whole room making a stimulating mood. Dale Carnegie Trainers were not only wholehearted in their coaching but also played with their best, contributing to the team enjoyment.

A few pictures about the game show designed for Dale Trainers:

Mingling with high spirits of the event, Mr. Peter Handal was eager to share the happiness of Dale Carnegie Vietnam’s third birthday: "Dale Carnegie in America has the lowest annual number of people stopping working. This shows that everybody enjoys working at Dale Carnegie, since we nourish happiness." He also told us about his conversation with Baltimore City Mayor, Maryland (adjacent to Washington, DC): "He asked me what else I do beside real estate, I answered I’m the CEO and Chairman of Dale Carnegie. After that, he shared that the reason for his current district governor position was his participation in Dale Carnegie’s classes, one of which was about vision. He had bravely sketched his own vision with Dale Carnegie’s trainers’ supports. Through this, I want to tell you , all trainers should always maintain their confidence because what we teach helps others a lot in learning how to orientate and  clearly plan the process to fulfill their visions."


Wishing happy birthday to three-year old Dale Carnegie Vietnam, Mr and Mrs Handal gave a present that they collected in China.

An XQ Picture was given to Mr and Mrs Peter Handal as to express Dale Carnegie Vietnam’s gratitude.

Though three-year time is not a long period, what Dale Carnegie Vietnam has achieved within 3 years created a good foundation which is an advantage help Dale Carnegie Vietnam best prepare for an outstanding development in the coming time. Obviously, there are ups and downs during that time but it will result a very quick breakthrough growth. Moreover, Vietnam will play a role as a new franchise model.

To thank as well as keep these unforgettable memories of the day, Mr Peter Handal and Ms Nguyen Trinh Khanh Linh (CEO and Chairman of Dale Carnegie Vietnam) heart-warningly exchanged meaningful and charming presents.

The third anniversary celebration of Dale Carnegie Vietnam closed with a sincere wish from Mr. Handal about a future with many breakthroughs in the long-term business development. Emotions which were difficult to express were blended with shares about changing as well as feelings during the time working at Dale Carnegie Vietnam. Dale Carnegie Vietnam promised to create many "breakthrough" on the development path to a leading organization supporting the development of business skills in Vietnam and Asia and to represent Dale Carnegie cultures in Vietnam. To bring forward such a successful future, in the mean time, all teams need to perform as a whole and ensure a long term development with cooperative working spirits at Dale Carnegie Vietnam.

Dale Carnegie Vietnam community together with Mr and Mrs Peter Handal

Dale Carnegie Vietnam

"We are a TEAM!!!"





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