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First News Signed Copyright Contrat On How To Win Friends


First News has just signed a copy right contract with Simon & Schuster, Inc., USA to publish the best book of all time "How to win friends and influence people". This is the first translation in Vietnam that has the copy right from the original publisher and permission of Dale Carnegie organization.

Dale Carnegie’s "How to win friends and influence people" (Đắc nhân tâm) is the most famous work and best seller that has a massive influence of all time. This book is translated into many languages and sold in most of the countries around the world. The book has been in the top list of best-selling books rated by the New York Times for 10 years. It is rated as the first and best book of this kind which has changed the lives of millions of people in the world.

In Vietnam, readers have known Dale Carnegie’ how to win friends and influence people as the name Đắc nhân tâm which was translated by Nguyen Hien Le for more than 50 years and it has helped many Vietnamese generations gain success in their lives. During 50 years, Dale Carnegie family continually re-edited and re-adjusted the book to be appropriate to today world. Out of date examples and evidence in the book need to be replaced with the new ones that are more meaningful and realistic. That is also the wish of Dale Carnegie. He always hoped that his work has the vitality of all time and development.

For the update of the book and our desire of bringing a valuable work in communication and winning people’s heart, First News decided to buy the copy right of new edition and retranslate this famous book.

Like many others used to experience and succeed with the philosophy of the book, Mr. Phạm Phú Ngọc Trai, president and general director of Pepsico, shared his deepest feelings: ""Đắc Nhân Tâm" (human relation) is not simply the demeanors to win people’s heart. It’s the personality forming perceptions in terms of the values that people share and support. In life, it is the care and respect to people, community and society. In business, it is the win-win relationship. The responsibility towards community and society through personal and organizational contributions, in ‘dac nhan tam’ words, is the duty and responsibility of individuals and entrepreneurs not the ‘alms’ or ‘bestowal’"

There is no longer the concept that limits "dac nhan tam" in the area of winning and influencing people. "Dac nhan tam" of all time requires us to have the heart, vision and competency. In that meaning, we need to apprehend "Dac nhan tam" with self-awareness, honesty and care for people to wake up their potential and enhance their level.

Sympathizing with the First News’ good will and wishing to contribute to "Dac Nhan tam" culture in Vietnam, Dac Nhan Tam entrepreneur school, official representative of Dale Carnegie Vietnam, cooperated with First News to introduce the first and best book of all time in communication and demeanors which has brought success and happiness to millions of people around the world.

We hope that this book will bring you useful knowledge and success. This book is composed by First News and published at Tri Viet Bookstore, 11H Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, 1st district, HCMC and other bookstores in Vietnam.






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