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Got Over The Comfort Zone That I'd Been Inside For So Long


"When you are not confident, but you talked to yourself: leaving the "comfort zone" is stepping out of the shell and to have a new horizon." said Mr. Tran Tan Thien, Chairman of Real Estate Song Phat.





Neat, serious and abundant of activeness, he made the opposite person to feel the firmness in every decision. It is amazing to know that to build up Song Phat and maintain its development in the past eight years, he has been through ups and downs.


Mr. Tran Tan Thien and his partners

A big chair does not make a king


*It is astounded to know that you started with only 8 employees and an office, but only after 8 years, Song Phat achieved a comparatively large foundation with 120 staffs and 300 collaborators…


- When studying Economics in university, I never thought to become an owner of a real estate company. After graduation, I worked for Mitsubishi passionately more than 10 years. During that time, I occasionally wanted to join the real estate market, but I do not think it is because of opportunities that I work in this area.


*What is the reason you left Mitsubishi where you can be guaranteed a salary of a few thousands USD per annum?

- It is a dream, an ambition to be a business leader of any economic students. Leaving Mitsubishi, I only hoped to get over the comfort zone that I’d been inside for so long. Challenging me is also another way to make myself better.


*Having growing up on a land with difficult conditions in Quang Ngai Province, moving to the South to attend university when the pocket had only a bit of money, as you stepped out the comfort zone, was you afraid of anything?


- Human nature is afraid of changes and challenges. At that time, I was worried but I encourage myself: leaving the "comfort zone" is stepping out of the shell and to have a new horizon. And I felt more confident.

*Up to now, do you think you are successful?


- Definition of success is the same as the one of happiness: Success is a journey; we, businessmen, achieve each objective and we are happy with that objective. Song Phat made the first step to confirm our position in the real estate marketing and distribution. It is the effort of the whole Song Phat team. We often remind one another to together work and face challenges, learn from the past, live and develop in the present, hope and be optimistic in the future.


*Why do you think highly of teamwork?


- I could have not achieved the current development of Song Phat, if there was not such good teamwork. For example, I cannot sell as well as others do. I never think I have the highest power. In Song Phat, my only good role is to connect everybody. Angels need servants.


*Was there a time Song Phat lost many staffs in one day?


- I used to have incompetent leadership. When any employee leaves, I always reassess myself. Everyone is looking for a better life. The most important thing is to realize one self’s weakness. It is the biggest intelligent step.


*But is it deserved to exchange the comfort zone with failure?


- In Buddhism philosophy, the moon continuously becomes full then dark. At the bottom of difficulty, there will be chances if a businessman has sufficient braveness and acute perception to catch them.

Song Phat Staffs

Changing the perception of "to have"

*The basic jobs of Song Phat are marketing and distribution real estates, and it is less risk to be an agency. Is this Song Phat’s advantage?


- Với hơn 120 công sự, hơn 300 cộng tác viên và 4 văn phòng đang hoạt động nhộn nhịp, sẽ quá khiêm tốn khi nói rằng chi phí là thấp. Như vạy, chúng tôi cũng phải đối mặt với rủi ro chứ! Lợi thế của Song Phát đó chính là hệ thống giá trị mà cả đội ngũ của chúng tôi đã đã tích góp, chăm chút xây từng ngày, như tinh thần đoàn kết, uy tín và đam mê bán hàng.

*Why do you mention about passion?


- Here I want to open the "passion in trading" definition. We have customers outside and inside the company. Customers inside the company originate from people in the same departments of the company. Each member should develop a passion of doing his best to complete the provided service on time and with the highest quality to other colleagues. I and my colleagues always feel proud of what we are doing. We find happiness in our jobs, contributions to people around and society, and more important, we have chances to prove ourselves. We did our best to change the prejudice on "real estate agency".


*When you say about changing the prejudice on "real estate agency", do real estate agency still feel disrespected?


- Here we talk about "agency" as a profession. I think agencies do not feel disrespected with their job but with the view of the society, even though not all do so. There are agencies of stock market and insurance, but many people undervalue the real estate agencies. That is unfair. Every profession has it own value. Unfortunately there were a few individual as agencies not valuing their images and generating bad prejudice.

*To change the society prejudice, should the real estate company such as Song Phat prove its own service quality at first?


- I have clearly planned the human resource development. For example, to cooperate well with the project owner, we employed few highly professional foreigner architects to readily consult the project owner from the very first stage of the project to optimize the living space to be green and sustainable. Moreover, our collaborators were educated in developed countries such as America, Australia, Japan,… We use what we learnt and experienced abroad in Vietnamese spirit and culture to provide customers the best service. It is better to light a match before cursing the dark.

Mr. Tran Tan Thien and his family

Own color patches of emotion


*Being busying with the market, spending time learning new knowledge and being a lecturer on Breakthrough Leadership,, Company Culture, Sale Advantages at Dale Carnegie, do you think you are wasting your time?


- To be honest, I am only a businessman and a teacher at the same time; sharing my experience and teaching others help me complete myself. Before, I simply joined in the course "Breakthrough leadership" to gain more knowledge and support my own business. Surprisingly, after the course, I changed a lot from deep inside me and craved for teaching in new methods. Up to now, after two years teaching, I feel proud of becoming a lecturer of this program since I passed a very difficult examination by American Master Trainer.


*Hence, do you consider the market as an environment to learn and prove what you teach?


- The training method "Coaching in the moment" by Dale Carnegie is still new in Vietnam. However, it is very close to daily life, you can reference from the two famous books "How to win friends and influence people" and "How to stop worrying and start living". In fact, theory and practice are two categories existing together: When teaching, I share with my students what I applied in working and living based on Dale Carnegie’s new methods. It makes the lessons vivid and practical. Teaching is one of my three loves.

*Do you think three loves for a man are too much?


- If they are three loves between men and women, it is too much. But here are different color patches of emotion. For me currently, family, business and teaching are three main dynamics to strive for!


Source: DNSG





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