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Is Success Potential A Natural Endowment

There are people having natural endowments and more talents than others. Does this guarantee that they are more successful in working and living? What helps maximize their success potential?

Learning to maximize the success potential

In today modern world, it is difficult to achieve success by one’s own. However independent your jobs are, you still need information, systems and supports from others. Therefore, the answer to the questions above is very simple: when you are able to establish good relationships that are ready to support your success, you automatically increase your success potential many folds. Only at that moment, who are smarter and more talented will gain more advantages.

About this point of view, Ms. Nguyen Trinh Khanh Linh, Chairman and CEO of Dale Carnegie Vietnam said "During nearly 100 years development of Dale Carnegie system over the world, a reality has been proven: the people without highly academic degrees but having smart communication and behaviors are easier to succeed than highly academic people. Hence, the book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie has been favored through many generations and become a handbook of many business leaders." Ms. Linh also shared that Dale Carnegie Training Center has been assigned by many leading companies to train and educate not on professional knowledge but good behaviors to leaders, maintaining relationships inside and outside the company to attract a surrounding human resource network enthusiastically support their own success as well as the companies’ success.

In building business relationships, personal image plays an important role. The first impression about a person remains a long time; hence, many today business leaders concern about building personal image in communication. Ms Vo Thi Xuan Trang- Principal of John Robert Power (JRP) – An expert on building personal image said "In the intensively globalizing economy, many business communication behaviors have become the standard in business communication. In Vietnam, due to historical social reasons, we did not have many chances to learn these communication rituals. However, with the fast development of many businesses, learning to communicate and build personal image is becoming an essential demand."

Maximizing success potential through increasing Networking IQ

Natural endowments clearly only contribute a limited part to a person’s success potential. It is vital that he is conscious of his success depends closely on the relationships system he has established, from which he can learn and practice important soft skills on Networking.

To meet the demand of improving success potential of businessmen, Caravat.com – a leading online business community in Vietnam - has organized a training course "Maximizing success potential through increasing Networking IQ". The course is taught by JRP cooperating with Dale Carnegie, helping business leaders with important skills such as: 7 habits of highly effective people; business communication rituals to build your personal brand; and "How to win friends and influence people" to create good impression from the first minutes.

The course will be held on:

- 17/06/2010 at Renaissance Hotel HCM.

- 01/07/2010 at Hilton Opera Hotel, Ha Noi.

Please refer the detailed information at http://Event.Caravat.com or call 0988657881 (Ms Thanh Huong).

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