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From left to right: Ms. Thanh Nguyen – CEO of Caravat.com, Ms. Vo Thi Xuan Trang – Principal of John Robert Power, Ms. Nguyen Trinh Khanh Linh – Chairman and CEO of Dale Carnegie

The Business Online Community Caravat.com just published a survey result of Networking IQ of more than 8,000 businessmen and businesswomen living and working in Vietnam. Based on the survey result, BUSINESSMAN (DOANH NHAN) had a chance to discuss with three experts on networking: Ms. Thanh Nguyen – CEO of Caravat.com, Ms. Vo Thi Xuan Trang – Principal of John Robert Power, Ms. Nguyen Trinh Khanh Linh – Chairman and CEO of Dale Carnegie.

Why did Caravat.com think it is necessary to measure Networking IQ and put effort to complete such a large-scale survey on Networking IQ?

Ms. Thanh Nguyen: Survey on CEOs of Fortune 500 shows that soft skills, of which Networking is the most important soft skill, occupied 75% of success potential of a professional employee. Therefore, measuring Networking IQ is as crucial as measuring the capability to succeed. To meet this demand, Caravat.com cooperated with leading experts to develop a very scientifically multiply choice system for Networking IQ evaluating this skill based on the combination of many supporting skill groups. We also carried out marketing activities to attract more than 8000 participants for the survey to obtain the most exact analysis result.


Why is Networking the most important skill and what are principles and scientific basis to evaluate an individual’s Networking IQ?

Ms Xuan Trang: Unlike what many people misconceive, Networking is not only to join an event or to meet a group of people. Networking IQ consists of abilities of searching, building and connecting relationships and information sources to create and develop new chances. Therefore, in business, Networking IQ is crucial in leadership because the success of the business depends not only on the leader’s knowledge and individual skills but also his synthesis of knowledge and skills of the network that he can approach.


Ms Khanh Linh: Not only important, Networking IQ is also a difficult skill because it requires a combination of other soft skills at the same time. When Caravat.com invited us to help develop the survey together with JRP, we discussed intensively before suggesting 7 areas to evaluate Networking IQ including: Networking Conscience, Networking habits, communication skills, business communicative behaviors, personal brand building skills, maintaining relationships skill and the skill of "How to win friends and influence people". After having finished 27 short multiple choice questions on the above areas, participants received a detail report with their Networking IQ, strong and weak points and comparison chart between the results of people with the similar living conditions, ages, profession, working ranks, etc.


Who are the target of this survey and what is the ratio?

Ms Thanh Nguyen: Among survey participants, more than 200 people at manager rank have an average Networking IQ of 56, 680 at director rank have an average Networking IQ of 54, about 4,500 people at department manager rank with an average Networking IQ of 50, the rest are experts with an average Networking IQ of 47. This shows that the higher working rank is, the higher Networking IQ is required, or the higher the Networking IQ is, the more promotion opportunities are.


Ms Khanh Linh: I think Networking skill has not been taken significantly in Vietnam. This survey shows that, Vietnamese average Networking IQ is 48, much lower than foreigner Networking IQ which is 52. This may be due to soft skills are rarely taught in schools, even though such soft skills are key factors determining who you are and how effectively you work.


How can a person improve his Networking skill?

Ms Xuan Trang: In the 7 survey areas, Networking Conscience is the most important, because only when you are conscious of whom you are and your ability, investing and developing professional relationships will be able to help you gain more achievements in business and life. Henceforth, you are conscious of building up Networking habits as well as learning and equipping more supporting soft skills. I think everybody should spend some spare time finish a free multiple choice test at http://networkingiq.caravat.com ; in both questions and analysis, we try to provide as many advices as possible to help you improve Networking IQ.


Ms Khanh Linh: Besides, Dale Carnegie will cooperate with JRP to lecture the training course: "Maximizing the success potential by improving Networking IQ" which helps business leaders equip the 7 habits of highly effective people; Business communication to build your personal brand; and "How to win friends and influence people" to create good impression from the first minutes.


What is the role of IT development in improving Networking skill? What is the best way to combine Online Networking and Offline Networking?

Ms Thanh Nguyen: Even though Caravat.com is an online community networking aiming at Online Networking activities of businessmen, I agree with Ms Trang that Networking Conscience is the most important. IT or online communities such as Caravat.com are only tools to connect everybody, maintain or develop relationships, and who knows how to use IT for his purposes will gain benefits. It depends on the characteristics of a relationship to determine whether to combine Networking Online and Offline. However, from my experiences, after offline meetings, I always invite my new contacts to my online community to maintain the relationships conveniently and update information. Moreover, I frequently talk to my online contacts and periodically attend offline meetings to gain a higher mutual understanding.


Why do Caravat.com, JRP and Dale Carnegie cooperate in establishing the survey and providing training courses to improve Networking IQ?

Ms Thanh Nguyen: JRP, Dale Carnegie and Caravat.com always share the common belief that activities contributing to communities always bring positive values to the companies. The multiple choice and training programs belong to a range of our non-profit activities to progress Networking skill of Vietnamese businessmen and to contribute in improving the success potential.


Thank you very much and wish you gain more achievement in the future!

Quang Huy – DN


Các thông tin chính

·         Networking IQ trung bình của người Việt Nam/Nước ngoài : 48/52. Nam/Nữ : 50/49

·         Công ty nước ngoài/công ty nhà nước/công ty tư nhân: 50/44/52

·         Cấp độ điều hành giám đốc/trưởng phòng/chuyên viên : 56/54/50/47

·         Trình độ đại học/thạc sỹ/tiến sỹ: 49/50/48

·         Trắc nghiệm chỉ số Networking IQ tại http://networkingiq.caravat.com





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