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(VNR500) – For any business, profit is the highest priority. Occasionally, due to the deep passion for working, many businessmen ignore their social responsibility. Chairman and CEO of Dale Carnegie & Associates, Mr. Peter V Handal, will help Vietnamese businessmen shape a correct perception about business ethics which a modern leader should practice.

If you are a businessman, you have probably heard or known or admired of a successful businessman in Vietnam or abroad.

The award ceremony to the biggest 500 companies held by Vietnamnet Newspaper and Vietnam Report. (Photographed by VNR)

A few examples are the success of Steel King – Andrew Carnegie – who was listed in the world history by the giant property amount of 309.2 billion USD, or Henry Ford with the famous car manufacturer (US); Walt Disney – owner of the film production with the same name having created never-ended passion, Sam Walton with the admirable Wal-mart store chain, "Business Buddha" – billionaire Warren Buffett – the world’s second richest man whose heart is full of generosity and immeasurable community responsibility…

Especially, Bill Gate, a brilliant leader and founder of Bill & Melinda Gates, he not only is intelligent in working but also contributes in bringing smiles and happiness to millions of children, hopes to thousands of AIDS patients in the world.

You are amazed with their impressed sale figures, philosophy of living and leadership with an unstoppable passion, but you are even more astounded with their community activities which sometimes are carried out quietly and simply but create a huge effect on the society.

Dale Carnegie frequently holds such forums to introduce the philosophy "How to win friends and influence people" of Vietnamese leaders and businessmen. (Photographed by DC)

"Living needs a heart …"

Caring and sharing with the "unlucky" part of the society are the key factors shaping the characteristics and cultures of practicing social responsibility by today businessmen.

Being a Vietnamese businessman- have you fulfilled it? How do you and your company express caring to one another? What still bothers you that you have not started it yet? How to give most effectively, practical and agreeable?

Mr. Pether Handal V, Chairman and CEO of Dale Carnegie & Associates, the oldest and most prestigious business development consultancy, education and training company in the world, will help you answer these questions at the online forum with VNR500 at 14.00 on August, 17th 2010.

He will also pass on ideas about business leader training in Vietnam to sketch the portrait of today leaders.

Poet and reporter Nguyen Quang Thieu will host the program.

Businessmen and readers right now can send questions to Mr. Peter Handal here.

Having visited Vietnam in 1975, Mr. Peter Handal, with this coming back, has possibly forming an interesting but profound observation about the transformation of the country, Vietnamese economy and the people’s spirit to learn, grow and participate.

With an extremely modest, thoughtful personality, he has listened, encouraged and supported others, making the opposite person to feel proud, confident, light-hearted and relieved but responsible for looking forward to better things. He is a leader of "How to win friends and influence people."

These values, combining with the profile of Dale Carnegie & Associates, nearly 100 years have brought many breakthroughs to successful leaders on the world.

An example is the billionaire Warren Buffet’s case, he considered what he learnt at Dale helped change his life.

Dale Carnegie & Associates, the oldest training company in the world, originally based on Dale Carnegie’s world two famous best seller: "How to Win Friends and Influence People." and "How to stop worrying and start living".

Mr. Handal joined the Company in 1999 and was elected President and CEO in 2000. He was elected Chairman in 2005.

Mr. Handal is CEO of J4P Associates, a real estate concern in Baltimore, where he is also active as an enthusiastic developer.

Previously he was President of COWI International Group, a management-consulting firm working with companies in the United States and Eastern Europe; CEO of a children's wearing apparel and accessories company, which manufactured its products in 22 countries and marketed them under the "Just 4 Kids" brand. Mr. Handal also worked at Exxon Corporation in the Treasurer’s and New Investments Departments.

In the past 15 years, Mr. Handal has been a Board Member of various public and private companies in the United States and Europe. He is a Board Member of Wilsons The Leather Experts Inc. (NASDAQ) – a leather company and Dale Carnegie & Associates.

Mr. Handal's not-for-profit activities include the Lott Community Development Corporation, The Lott Residence, The St. Vincent Ferrer Church, The Cardinal Cooke Guild and The Metropolitan Opera Club, where he recently served as President.

 Mr. Handal is also a member of the Industry Leadership Council of the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI). He has held several positions with the AAEI, including Chairman. Mr. Handal is a member of the U.S. Government’s Industry Trade Advisory Committee for Distribution Services, appointed by the Secretary of Commerce and the United States Trade Representative. Mr. Handal has testified on various trade-related matters before Committees and Sub-committees of The House of Representatives and The Senate of the United States.

Highly respected expert in matters relating to leadership strategies and company management, he is often mentioned in famous magazine publications: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Financial Times and The International Herald Tribune. Besides, Mr. Handal has shared his many experiences with press in the area.

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