Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Presentation With Credibility, Passion And Impact

It is not enough to have the greatest ideas in the world. To be successful, we have to be able to present others with our ideas, win them over and encourage them to actions. At one time or another, each of us has to sell an idea or product to someone - whether a friend or a customer. We to convince groups at the office that we have an idea that will work. We have to present our ideas at community meetings. The key secrect to achieve all these objectives lies in personal enthusiasm, intestest in the topic or subject, and the desire to have an audience share our excitement about it.

To lead and engage the team, as leaders, we always need to get our message accross, make a credible and positive leadership impression, and let the audience or people around know that we are always ready for any approaches from everyone.

The secret of successful leaders when they are in front of the public, either small or very big group, is they always present their ideas with all their mind, their heart, their soul and their body, which is conveyed effectively through the Congruence of One Message of Words, Voice, and Body Language.

The congruence formula of Words, Voice and Body Language with 7% - 38% - 55% that was researched by Professor Albert Mehrabian from University of California, Los Angeles, has revealed one of the most intesting study about the power of our voice and our body language in winning people's mind and heart in public speaking and presentation. Mastering this formula is one of the most powerful tool for leaders to be outstandingly impactful with their presentation in all situations.


Presentation: Abilities to communicate ideas and messages with credibility, passion, impact and values to the audience through the congruence of words, voice and body language

  • Plans the presentation in a logic and controlled manner
  • Presents ideas to inform, gain input, persuade and entertain
  • Delivers professional and valuable responses to confrontaion questions
  • Presents ideas with visual impact

Influence: Consistently directs situations and inspires people for an all-win environment.

  • Persuades management, employees, peers, and others to "buy into" a course of action
  • Conducts themselves in a way that doesn’t cause others to question their motives

DURATION : 2 days


  1. Planning and preparing a professional presentation
  2. Creating and maintaining a positive first impression
  3. Using fluently the combination of words, speech and language gestures
  4. Presenting the ideas clear and convincing, enthusiastic
  5. Control stressful situations occur in the presentation
  6. "Sell" ideas and inspire people to change

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