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Summary Of Survey Result “Skill Development Orientation”

Summary of student survey result

General summary

Dale Carnegie held a survey on skill development orientation for students with a participation of more than 600 students. Most came from more than 20 universities and high schools in HCMC and others were students who just graduated and begin new jobs at more than 10 different companies.

In general, the result shows that today students are very active in developing "soft skills" to improve their studies and jobs. However, prioritization, orientation and development methods still have many gaps to develop. Especially, skill development methods of most students are not effective enough due to the lack of interaction and guidance for correction, which are main properties of the process of skill development.

Most common development choices that students prioritize present a very high tendency focusing on individual skills; however, team-working skills are not put first. This is also the contradiction between students’ development prioritizations and real requirements of the working environment.

Most students thinks the suitable time for skill development is the first two years at university because it is a transition stage to where the environment and learning techniques necessitating higher activeness as well as the requirement to determine future orientation becoming more essential. However, this moment is not the most suitable time.

To read the detailed content of the summary and development suggestions, you can download the summary version HERE





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