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The Result Of “The Best Birthday Wish Composition Competition” On Facebook


During only four days of competition, Dale Carnegie Vietnam has received 20 very meaningful birthday wishes. The wishes were very diversifying, from very concise to lengthy, comprising of affection and understanding toward Dale Carnegie Vietnam; the wishes were in a wide variety of forms from written passages to poems and video clips in Vietnamese and English.

The wishes are displayed here

Here are three favorite wishes:

  • First prize: Ha Chi with 34 "Likes"

"Wish Dale Carnegie as growing up one more year old will absorb more "Dac Nhan Tam" culture. The longer the wine is kept, the more delicious the fermentation is. The older the gold is, the more valuable. "Dac Nhan Tam" values are the same. Happy three years old birthday."

  • Second prize: Yen Lam with 29 "Likes"

"At three years old, wish Dale Carnegie will together travel with Vietnamese generations on the journey to conquer human values. Wish Dale Carnegie’s messages will fly high and far and deep into everyone’s soul!"

  • Third prize: Chinh Bui Q with 17 "Likes"

"Amidst the life whirlpool of living and selfishness about material and personal demands, human values and moralities are being seriously ignored and downgraded. I think Dac Nhan Tam as an essential handbook for everybody and a foundation to generate future Dac Nhan Tam leaders following Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, Lincoln, etc. And in the relationships between human beings, forgiveness and love will be raised up to a new platform.

Wish Dac Nhan Tam Training Centre – Dale Carnegie Vietnam will persist the advancement of brainpower asset of Carnegie to develop networking on a large-and-deep-scale in Vietnam day by day."

As an opportunity for prize winners to meet after the competition, it is our –Dale Carnegie’s- pleasure to invite four winners Ha Chi, Yen Lam, Chinh Bui Q and Thanh Quyen to receive the prizes and take photos at the office Dac Nhan Tam Training Center, Floor 11, Lant Building, 56-58-60 Hai Ba Trung, District 1 at 9:30 AM on Friday, 17th September, 2010.

Yours sincerely,

Dac Nhan Tam Training Center | Dale Carnegie Vietnam







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