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The Youth Blow Up Creative Wind In The Dreams Through “Master Mind –Business Ideas “Contest

In the last evening 24/4, at Vien Dong Hotel, IU MASTER MIND contest, hosted Soft Skills club’s member of International University, was celebrated in monumental environment with "student’s style": being young, creative, friendly and challenging but it is also very close and practical. The contest’s targets are the young students who want to prove theirselves through dreams, creative passion with spirit "Dare to lose and dare to win". The contest’s expectation for contestants is very clear and profound:

  • Stimulate the creativeness ability of students in any fields; concurrently give them the opportunity to make their ideas approach the real life.
  • Improve the management skill, as well as manage the capital, through this make the students confident to prove the feasibility of a project before investors.

This contest is also a good environment for students to study and develop with orientation. In order to increase the competition in a "drawn battle" among teams in final round, as well as motivate students to try more and more, Dale Carnegie Vietnam, as main contest’s sponsor, sponsored the scholarship award worth totally to 1500USD to excellent individuals from this contest. It is suitable for the Dale Carnegie VN center’s plan, effectuated vision with long-term oriented development within next 10 years, Dale Carnegie Vietnam, in common with entrepreneurs, will launch and build "Win the popularity" culture. It begins from leaders and active, excellent students. They represent for "inherited leader generation", future owners of country.

Exciting environment at the beginning of the contest.

Exciting, funny, curious, competitive in studying spirit was common felling of all participants in the final round that night. Actually the results exceeded the jury’s expectation and assumption. The contestants implemented their ideas by images as well as lifelike and detailed evidences. Moreover, they gave analysis and deep research to prove theoretical points in order to convince the jury and listeners in the hall perfectly. The illustrations were very real. For example, Green Terra team imitated, concretized the idea" change the citizen’s habit about emission processing" through the video about emission proceed firm that is thought and made by theirselves. Toy Kids team with 3 members, gave us one interesting game model made by all team members. The other dummy, Smart card, Chip Munks team’s project, was very user-friendly and high comfortable. Five confident, charming girls in Ao Dai dress of BT. Rainbow team convinced the jury by suggesting skillfully International University to become main "investor" for their project. Biomed team also is good example, they were confident to present their project about developing business model of medical equipments with specialty knowledge.

Mr. Charles Leonard Wilson - Lecturer of business administration department

However, it wasn’t the most interesting part in this night. The most interesting moment is the time when the teams answered the "fastidious" jury’s questions. Through the way they answered, it is easy to find that they are actually confident, knowledgeable and confidential with their projects. Discussion section with the jury gives chance for teams in the contest to recognize their advantages as well as disadvantages in business plan. That also helps them to adjust and improve the possibility of deploying their project in the future.

Any contest must have competition, but here the competition means "study and develop to improve together". Here we don’t have the winner or loser and the most important thing that we have lessons, useful projects to enrich knowledge and experience when the students approach real problems in life.

Nguyễn Trịnh Khánh Linh - President and CEO of Dale Carnegie Vietnam

Therefore, this contest is useful playground for students to study more to grow up and develop skills which the future leaders need to have. It also reflected Dale Carnegie Vietnam’s criterions exactly, "always study to make progress and improve day by day". You should propose a goal for yourself and make a plan to reach it. This contest may not be your final goal but it is a step to help you reach closely your real goal "Build the future, blow up the creation into the dreams".

Miss Ngô Thụy Ngọc Tú- Yola organization’s representative

The pictures in this contest are following:

Five members of Green Terra with the idea "Change the citizen’s habit about emission processing".

Green Terra is very confident to make a good presentation.

Chip Munks team with Smart Card project

One member in Chip Munks team is very engrossed with his presentation.

Toykids team with idea "Creative toy for children".

The only girl in Toykids presented strongly and confidently.

Intelligent game model made by Toykids team.

Biomed team with idea "Medical equipment business".

Answer confidently the jury's questions.

Five girl members of BT.Rainbow are tender gentle in Ao Dai dress.

In spite of gentle and charm, they also are resolute in their presentation.

Palpitate so much! Final result is coming up!

Tense environment - Everybody are waiting for the result...

Consolation prize: Chip Munks team and Biomed team.

Third prize: Toykids team.

Five lovely girls in BT.Rainbow got second prize.

Green Terra is champion tonight. Congratulations Green Terra!

Mrs. Linh awards scholarship for Green Terra's members.

Grant beautiful bouquets to the jury for hearfelt thanks.

Congratulations for all of you!





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