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Dale Carnegie is a globally well-known and long-standing name. This organization’s vitality lies on addressing, proving and establishing the values contributing to the development and success of people in not only life but also business.

Moreover, for their humanity, they are quickly popularized and learned all over the world; and they have never been old for nearly a century. Over the past one year, Dac Nhan Tam Entrepreneurs School JSC has officially brought global Dale Carnegie’s values and coaching system to Vietnam, waked up the human lessons that the Vietnamese people of many generations are more or less familiar with, provided a new method for the needs of studying, trained and developed people, which is today’s hot needs.

Ms Nguyễn Trịnh Khánh Linh said that there are a lot of interesting things and good experience relating to the fact of bringing the human relation values to Vietnam for Vietnamese entrepreneurs who have partnership with global organizations.

*Why is it an organization franchised by Dale Carnegie, instead of the one with your own "brand name"? Do you think Dale Carnegie’s training model and theories are suitable with the Vietnamese?

I have worked in the training field before and realized that however strongly our organization develops, it is still local with the short history in this field. Meanwhile, the international organizations like Dale Carnegie has a long history and their continuously improved values have been proved by time. Cooperation with them is the quickest way of reaching the international standard values and system. Understanding local culture is our strong point. The combination of these two strengths is the reason making us believe that we are the outstanding among the others of the same field and can create the new and international standard values for the participants.

Because Dale Carnegie’s values are what belong to humanity and mankind integrality, they are suitable with times. The clearest evidence for this is that many Vietnamese people love those values in Dale Carnegie’s books "How to win friends and influence people" and "How to stop worrying and start living" which is translated into "Đắc nhân tâm" and "Quẳng gánh lo đi và vui sống" by Nguyen Hien Le. Now we can bring the concepts and lessons of the book into specific application and practice.

Many people think that "Đắc nhân tâm" or human relation principles are about how to win people’s hearts and valuable in terms of spirit. Initially, we didn’t think the other way when reading the book "Đắc nhân tâm". Over a year of approaching, applying and deploying the system of those values, we are very excited and more confident to see that the principles from the book "Đắc nhân tâm" are applied variously and effectively to life and business, exceeding the book limitation. More happily, according to our partners, these applications have the very Vietnamese essentials in it.

*Many entrepreneurs generally are making efforts to learn to overcome the weaknesses or reduce the knowledge and skill gaps. Do you have any advice about how to gain the highest effectiveness in this process?

The final purpose of international or local Coaching and Training organizations is to create positive changes to participants and the direct manifestation of this is their achievements of personal and organizational development goals.

To gain the highest results, firstly, the participants need to understand their purposes of improving knowledge, experience and weak skills. This is an important premise because it will foster the later process of comprehension and application.

Secondly, the training programs have to help participants achieve those goals. Occasionally, some learners don’t really understand their needs. Therefore, if they participate in 1 – 2 day seminars with the size of more than 50 people, apprehending and applying the knowledge will become vague. That is why we don’t focus on organizing seminars: it’s only suitable with other learning objectives.

Thirdly and most importantly, the knowledge gained from learning process must be applicable and practical. Only when we can do it will the knowledge learned bring about results.

Finally, it is the application to specific work to ensure the complete formation of skills after training.

If one of the four conditions mentioned are not qualified, returns on investment will not be optimal.

* How do you apply Dale Carnegie’s values to building and developing your staff?

First of all, we are the persons who perceive Dale Carnegie’s values and we find the power and discernment from those lessons. This creates unexpected speed and quality of development for a young organization like us.

The lessons are very simple. I and other members of the organization set goals that there is a positive change for everyday in any aspects from business to habits and life attitude. When we make every effort, try to be patient with ourselves and seeing problems positively, positive change will surely happen. The eager sense of daily self-improvement is our pride about the organizational culture.

I have seen many fine examples of the trainers who have more than 15 – 20 year experience; they started with "being resigned and taking risk" when "returning to school" under a high mental pressure and challenge, especially the challenge to their ego. This also proved their passion with and belief in the values they are representing and endeavoring to improve. Training staff, trainers and experts as well as developing programs to help participants and community is our initial and biggest value.

* Dale Carnegie was founded in 1912, New York. The initial intent of Mr. Dale Carnegie, the founder of the organization, was to train businessmen with public speaking skills. Then, he expanded to more human training and developing programs based on practical values and applications. Those values have been popularized all over the world in more than 80 countries. In Vietnam, Dale Carnegie’s values were received through Nguyen Hien Le’s translations among which is the famous book "Đắc nhân tâm" more than a half century ago. Over 95 years of development, Dale Carnegie has contributed to the success of more than 8 million participants holding high positions in 500 world biggest companies – according to the Fortune’s rank list. * Dac Nhan Tam Entrepreneurs School JSC was founded in April 2007. It is the exclusive representative of global Dale Carnegie. Over a year of operation, Dac Nhan Tam (or Dale Carnegie, Vietnam) has established a standard system of programs, consulting, manuals, trainers and customer service; developed a staff with their particular values. Currently, the organization has over 15 trainers with the global Dale Carnegie standard ISO 9001:2000 and 2000 participants from 300 companies. Typical solutions include: customized solutions to companies; Dale Carnegie training programs of leadership, sales, human resource, communication, presentation, team building,…; seminars.

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