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Youths Don’t Let Self Depend On Digital Technology

(Dan Tri) Digital technology serves you or you are dependent on it decided by yourself. Simultaneously, you also should have time to read books and join social activities.

This is a message of Mr. Tran Viet Quan- Bach Khoa Computer’s director sent to young students at conference "Life skills in digital technology era IV" took place in the morning 8/5 at the hall of University of Science Ho Chi Minh City.

In the chain activities of program "Life Skills in digital technology era IV", the conference helped students to understand the importance of applying digital equipments in daily life as well as clear up queries about life skills with youths. It is also a chance for 6 orators to share their real-life experience to success with students.

Students gives the questions for orators.

From how to apply digital technology to control life better to how to balance between desire and ability or when facing difficulty, how to keep "fire" to reach goals that individuals set up before and so on…are presented clearly by orators.

Don’t depend on digital technology

In high technology explosion age, many young students are worried about the feeling that they subordinate to technology products so much. However, Mr. Mohalam Gonoux, executive director of Golden Key Company said that: "You shouldn’t insist on tools in digital technology but in contrary you should think how much they help your work more effective. When we started up business 30 years ago, we didn’t have digital means as today but we still succeeded".

Mrs. Trinh Khanh Linh, president and CEO of Dale Carnegie Vietnam Training also judges that it is time bring people more close together. It is necessary when people sit back to back together, send email or the person at the head call phone for the person at the back of the office.

"Life skills relate the way we communicate and how we live, digital technology just supports our work but it cannot create the relationship among people because we ourselves create our lives." Mrs. Linh emphasizes.

Having same thought, Mr. Tran Viet Quan, Bach Khoa Computer’s director, said that digital technology serves you or you are dependent it decided by yourself. Simultaneously, you also should have time to read books, join social activities.

How to keep the "fire" going?

Today, many young people said that although they set up for themselves many goals and plans but they are dispirited quickly by difficulties. The question is raised how to keep the "fire" going to attain your goals?

The orators in this conference

"In order to know how to keep the fire we should consider how we burn this fire?" Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Pacific Asian regional director of Greystone Datasystem mentions. According his experience, you should look back the goal you set whether it is in your power. If the strategy is out of your power, simply you need to establish again. Moreover, difficult problems or failure also contribute to create life skills. It is simple that if you want to keep your chosen way, you must find another method.

Another opinion, Mrs. Ho Thanh Huong, development business consultant of LSH Group Corporation, said that "Let’s share with everyone around about your target, in particularly to people who get ahead of you and better than you. You should also discuss with everyone about your plan to adjust suitably with real conditions".

After ending conference, remaining in participants’ mind are philosophies, simple and meaning precepts such as: "Your success is all thing your children will say after you depart this world", or "Don’t think that important thing with others will be important thing with you".

According Mr. Ly Truong Chien, president of Tri Tri Corp. as well as founder of program "Life skills in digital technology era IV", the result of survey showed that 83% students lack of life skills when graduating the university. Consequently, this program aims to fill the voids between soft skills and technical skills, between university’s training and society’s demand.

Follow up this conference is the chain of activities such as: Training soft skills course-Internship and Recruitment. The topics will turn around main contents: express yourself, set up the goals, and build strong relationship with people surrounding, the way to balance among life-study-work.

News, photos: Thụy An - phunu.info





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